• 01.

    Super ability anti-scaling

    The water quality in the water tank reaches the drinking water standard
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    Solid technical process

    Protect the tangible benefits of each customer
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    Polythermal lock temperature disposable foaming

    High-end foaming equipment, using active environmentally friendly foaming materials

Process characteristics of electrostatic dry enamel

The enamel is applied to a suitably treated steel sheet and slowly fired at a temperature of 800 ° C or higher. This process creates a strong bond between the enamel and the steel plate, making them one. It has the stability of steel (compressive pressure, sufficient strength) and the corrosion resistance and electrical insulation of glass enamel. This perfect rust and electrical insulation is exactly what is necessary for the water heater liner.

In addition, enamel steel can withstand a temperature range of 60~+450°C and can withstand temperature fusion up to 200°C. It is waterproof, steam-resistant, acid-proof, and does not release any substances that are harmful to health or pollute the environment. Substances, including water, ions, electrolytic solutions, etc., are unlikely to penetrate the surface layer.

  • Enamel adhesion performance

    After the deformation of the sample caused by the stamper, the falling ball impact or the hammer hammer, the visual inspection is a mesh-like adhesion.
  • Safety performance

    Single-turn standard protection current value is much smaller than the national standard 22.5mA/m
  • Compressive performance (life)

    Breaking through 250,000 pulse tests, with a maximum withstand voltage of 2 times the working pressure
  • Anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-hot water erosion, anti-temperature and rapid change

    The boiling water weight loss index (42 days boiling water) is less than 3.0g/m3, which is much smaller than the national standard 6.0g/m3.
  • Enamel thickness

    The thickness of the porcelain layer is between 0.25-0.35mm, evenly flat, the total amount of defects is small, no charring, shrinkage phenomenon