Air energy heat pump water heater saves 70% energy compared to electric water heater

2019-06-24 15:41:19 浙江鸿乐光热科技有限公司 Viewd 443

Shanghai has promoted residential energy-saving and has new tricks - to the air to heat. The nation's first production line of integrated indoor air-energy heat pump water heaters was built in Shanghai recently. This product is usually 70% more energy efficient than electric water heaters.

It is reported that the initial investment of this air energy heat pump water heater is about 5,000 yuan, which is 3-5 times that of gas, natural gas and electric water heaters, but its daily running cost is low. Experts estimate that if 120 liters of water is heated from 15 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, the operating cost of the gas water heater is 1.74 yuan, the natural gas water heater is 1.26 yuan, the electric water heater is 3.60 yuan, the solar water heater is 1.48 yuan, and the air energy heat pump water heater {HotTag} only costs about 0.95 yuan.

Zhejiang University Aikang central heat pump hot water unit put on the market

A series of high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving domestic and commercial central heat pump water heaters and central heat pump hot water units developed and manufactured by Zhejiang Aikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. were officially launched on the market.

It is reported that this series of products adopts new environmentally-friendly materials. In addition to the general functions of general central air-conditioning, it can also absorb the large amount of heat from the air to heat the tap water by using the reverse Carnot cycle principle. The electric water heater is more than 75% energy-saving, and is not affected by day and night, sunny days, rainy days or winter snow days. In addition, the use of high-efficiency energy storage devices, even for temporary power outages, can also be supplied with hot water for production and life.