Enamel water tank use range

2019-06-24 15:44:29 浙江鸿乐光热科技有限公司 Viewd 594

The enamel water tank is a new type of water tank which is assembled by using HSC series enamel as bottom glaze and top glaze on δ2-δ5 steel plate. Next, we will introduce the applicable scope of the enamel water tank.

The mechanical impact strength of the porcelain layer of the enamel water tank is 4-5 times higher than that of the porcelain layer of the general daily enamelware. It is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and non-permeable, and is a new manufacture of water tank anti-corrosion. The performance indicators are in line with national industry standards, in line with water quality standards and food hygiene standards in China's regulations.

The main feature of the enamel water tank is that the enamel water tank is clean and hygienic, white and beautiful, and the water quality is not polluted; the four plates are connected with reinforcing plates and stainless steel lacing to make the stability of the assembled enamel water tank; the assembled plates are assembled on site, which is convenient and fast. Strong adaptability; good impact resistance, good seismic performance, long use time; acid, alkali and corrosion resistance; no leakage, good sealing performance; hot water storage (heat resistant rubber strip required); enamel water tank is smooth and easy to clean .

Enamel water tank can be used in hotels, buildings, restaurants, research and teaching buildings, offices, institutions, garden villas, residential quarters, entertainment venues and other public buildings, health, food processing and other secondary water supply sites. It is convenient for the reconstruction of the old building storage tank.