Fault analysis and diagnosis of air energy heat pump water heater

2019-06-06 09:28:36 浙江鸿乐光热科技有限公司 Viewd 681

1, the surface of the compressor is frosted

Fault analysis: It may be that the temperature sensor package is detached due to expansion, or the expansion valve is out of order, or the chip is stuck, the temperature setting problem, or the refrigerant preparation is insufficient.

Diagnosis: Re-adjust the inside device, replace the thermal expansion valve, the temperature sensor package needs to be re-adjusted, and pay attention to the cleaning inspection.

2, the unit does not turn, no display

Fault Analysis: It may be a power failure or a blown fuse, the thermal overload protector is burnt out and the power cord is loose.

Diagnosis: First power off, then check the power switch, update the power cord, and check the unit.

3, the compressor is noisy

Fault analysis: The loose part of the fixed pipe in the machine generates vibration, the thermal expansion is too large, the oil pressure is too low, or the muffler is damaged.

Diagnosis: Adjust the opening degree of the thermal expansion valve, check the tightening of the compressor line, and replace the lubricating oil and muffler.