Domestic air energy heat pump water heater terminal promotion

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As a safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, air-energy heat pump water heaters have gradually been recognized and accepted by consumers, and have gradually replaced other hot water production equipment, such as boilers, gas water heaters, electric water heaters and so on. There are more and more agents and distributors of air-energy heat pump water heaters. How to better help dealers and agents to quickly integrate into this industry and improve their performance?

1, do a good job of air energy heat pump water heater, it is very important to find the target customer

Most of the customers who visit the air-energy heat pump water heaters are some civil servants and some newcomers or wealthy people. Civil servants attach great importance to quality of life and energy conservation, and as a group that receives relatively fast external information, most of them understand air-energy heat pump water heaters. Accepting new things, their income is relatively stable, and they have a certain ability to consume, so they will buy as long as they are suitable. Another important feature of the urban consumer psychology in the Mainland is the comparison and follow-up. Sometimes the consumption of residents and their status and status are not unrelated. Some customers, especially powerful customers, have to buy better water heaters. Many people choose air-energy heat pumps. Water heater.

2, do the air energy heat pump water heater, and make friends with customers, store reputation and transfer is very important

There are many customers who are teachers. In fact, in the eyes of many businessmen, civil servants and intellectuals like teachers have higher quality. Although they will consult a lot of product details and professional product knowledge before the sale, as long as the merchants can treat customers sincerely, patience. Answer, "Simply the goods are the buyers." These people have become customers, even friends, and have told many people about their experience. They will also do a lot of local word-of-mouth publicity and introduce many friends.

3, do a good job of air energy water heaters, choose a good brand, good after-sales service is more important

There are many people who know about air-energy water heaters. Many people come to buy them. The consumer groups of air-energy water heaters are mostly of high quality and well-informed. They have learned through various channels before buying, and know which brands are compared. Well, which brands are not very good, the brand is very valued, and some even went straight to the brand, she pointed out that the store opposite her is also doing air energy heat pump water heater, business is not as good as her.

In addition to choosing safe and energy-saving, customers also value the superiority that the brand brings to the family. There is a phenomenon of comparing the brand. The customer is more worried about the product quality and after-sales service. Now the air-energy water heater is sold out, most of the famous brands. There is a nationwide after-sales service network, which does not require merchants to undertake after-sales service. The standard of after-sales service enjoyed by customers is very reassuring to consumers. Now the US air-energy water heater adopts the company's unified after-sales service. Due to limited resources, small and medium-sized brands mostly use the business responsibility system. The manufacturers leave the cost of after-sales service to the merchants in the form of profits. If the business is professional and responsible, the response will be timely and the customers will be satisfied, but the customers will be more satisfied. Worried about the change of the business, it is difficult to guarantee.

4, do air energy heat pump water heater, learn more about the industry and product information, visit the place of origin and pay more friends with friends do not suffer

From the headache of selling to 150 liters or 200 liters, the actual feedback on the actual situation of the air-energy heat pump water heater market, along with the US air-energy heat pump water heater and Gree air-energy heat pump water heater in CCTV advertising full bombing and air energy heat pump water heater With the continuous expansion of the user base, product awareness will become higher and higher, and the market will become larger and larger. Air energy heat pump water heater as the "fourth generation" water heater, just like the market of solar energy ten years ago, the national air energy heat pump water heater water heater industry will continue to grow by more than 60% in 2011, sales are expected to exceed 5.5 billion, 5 years will be Breaking through 20 billion, the air-energy heat pump water heater has the conditions of explosive growth, and the development speed will be greatly accelerated. The entire industry has entered an important development stage before take-off.