About Hongle

The company invested 80 million yuan to introduce advanced enamel production lines at home and abroad, and adopted the complete electrostatic drying technology of Germany WAGNER to create a high-capacity, cost-effective enamel pressure water tank.The volume covers 40~500 liters, and the products include air source heat pump, heat storage heat transfer water tank and solar water heating system.We are a modern high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of multi-energy heat collection systems. The company's annual production scale exceeds 250,000 units and is at the leading level in the industry.

Enamel pressure solar heat pipe water heater

Super heat pipe enamel pressure integrated machine, using food grade gold silicon liner, corrosion resistance, good pressure bearing performance, high heat exchange efficiency, installation is not limited by space, both bungalow users and high-rise buildings can be installed and used. The utility model is characterized in that the solar heat collecting part is installed in the vacuum tube, and the vacuum heat insulation is used to effectively reduce the heat loss of the heat pipe evaporation section to the outside, the system is under pressure operation, and the water comfort is high.

Hongle Products

While the Hongle brand is in the domestic market, the Holla Solar brand has gone abroad and is the main force of our overseas development to enter the international market.

Hongle Manufacturing

Enamel adhesion performance

After the deformation of the sample caused by the stamper, the falling ball impact or the hammer hammer, the visual inspection is a mesh-like adhesion.

Safety performance

Single-turn standard protection current value is much smaller than the national standard 22.5mA/m

Compressive performance (life)

Breaking through 250,000 pulse tests, with a maximum withstand voltage of 2 times the working pressure

Anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-hot water erosion, anti-temperature and rapid change

The boiling water weight loss index (42 days boiling water) is less than 3.0g/m3, which is much smaller than the national standard 6.0g/m3.

Enamel thickness

The thickness of the porcelain layer is between 0.25-0.35mm, evenly flat, the total amount of defects is small, no charring, shrinkage phenomenon



Fault analysis and diagnosis of air energy heat pump water heater

1, the surface of the compressor is frostedFault analysis: I


Enamel water tank use range

The enamel water tank is a new type of water tank which is a